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About Us

Concise Council from Business Masters

A Little History

BartsBooks Came into existence to serve you - the business person with the tools, and ways to profitably share your expertise with the business community.

Bart Jackson’s 30 years as a business journalist, had left him frustrated with increasingly less helpful business media. Print and online journals tried to cover complex business challenges in 800-word articles, while the only other solution came from some shining business star’s 350 pages tome on the same subject, for a mere $39.95. Neither answered the call.

As a result, we founded BartsBooks.  


Our Mission

  • To provide people in business with the information they need, in succinct form, from those many business masters and veterans who’ve been through it all before.
  • To provide individuals the opportunity to make their expertise known, and offer solutions for those facing hard business hurdles.
  • And by helping those involved better meet their challenges, BartsBooks strives to nudge business in fact and perception toward what it should be - a force for good.

BartsBooks Vision of Business

BartsBooks is founded on the belief that each individual harbors an innate craving to create things for the good. We further believe that business offers an unrivaled avenue for unleashing for this force. The excitement and honest challenge of business is to recognize each person’ potential, unite it with others, and help create and distribute useful entities for all. In this way, both the participants and all society benefits.


BartsBooks Team

Dorothy Amsden, Artistic Director, has wielded pens and brushes over book pages and canvas for decades, to the delight of authors and the viewing public alike. It is her designs and layouts you enjoy in each of our books and promotion pieces.

Browsing Dorothy’s enticingly decorated studio in Browns Mills, NJ reflects on her eclectic artistic creations and talents - from homespun linens, sculpted glass, & quilts, to woodwork, pottery, and of course fine paintings. Dedicated to art after reading the life of Vincent Van Gogh at age 14, Dorothy found her favored niche in books, providing illustrations and graphic design volumes from such publishers as Arete, Shadowlawn Press, McMillan, and McGraw Hill.

Carol Ezzo, Project Coordinator, is the lady who makes sure that everything - and everyone - keeps running smoothly around our BartsBooks' house. She organizes us, our databases, and develops rapid, blended solutions for our many technical quandaries. Carol expresses her considerable creative side by authoring and designing our blogs and social media.


Sreehari Gopal, Project Manager, translates the quill-pen-style scribblings of the CEO & staff into interactive, exciting online connections which everyone enjoys and finds useful. Daily, Hari proves true his favorite techno-motto: “Anything is Possible!” (Easy for him to perform) 

After acting as valued Technical consultant for several large firms, Hari Joined Bart Jackson in launching Biz4NJ, (New Jersey’s online business journal.) While his fingers constantly swarm the keys to create technological magic, Hari still finds time to run two retail stores which he is growing nicely, amongst other entrepreneurial ventures. 


Mark Hoisington, Web Designer, wields artistry and easy understanding on the pages of BartsBooks website. He remembers always that it is real people who visit this site and makes what you see here not only enticing, but swift & simple to operate. In addition to his labors for BartsBooks, Mark serves as the creative go-to man for many of the Delware Valley's top agencies and design studios. Working as both a freelance Art Director and founder of Pixel Leaf Web Design, he has been the innovative force behind a wide variety of advertising, print and web assignments. Mark's passion for memorable design is greatly appreciated by such clients as Blue Diamond, King of Prussia Mall, Quaker Bridge Mall, Quest Diagnostics, Rubbermaid, and Weight Watchers to name a few.

When he's not peddling his bicycle around the scenic countryside near his hometown of Wrightstown, NJ, Mark and his wife are usually cheering on their daughter in a soccer game or enjoying a drum solo by their very energetic son. 

Bart Jackson, as CEO of Prometheus Publishing, LLC, oversees the creation of BartsBooks Ultimate Business Guides, daily dreams up BartsBooks Business Quips as well as hosts The Art of The CEO radio show.

A prolific author in his own write, Bart has written literally thousands of magazine and newspaper articles and a dozen books ranging from “The Art of the CEO”, “Behind Every Successful Woman is Herself”, “So That’s How They Do It” to “Whitewater!” and “The Garden State Wineries Guide.” 
Those who believe that the greatest wisdom is enhanced by laughter, may enjoy his “101 Best Business Quips" and recently published “102 Best Business Quips”  Bart preaches that the aim of writing is to help people a little better endure life, or a little better enjoy it.
Shortly after the success of his book, The Art of the CEO, he launched an online radio show of the same name in 2014 where he interviews High profile guests of business and the arts and converses openly  about their own careers journeys, accomplishments and what they foresee as the main drivers currently shaping the future of business. Visit The Art of The CEO website for more information and where you can listen to all shows and his guests.
When not paddling, hiking and biking across scores of countries abroad, Bart may be found at his home vineyard, tending the vines that make his “Chateau Bonne Chance” wine.


Lorraine Jackson, Editor, not only edits her husband’s works - she edits him. A lifelong librarian, Lorraine brings into our mix not only her sense of detail but her marvelous sense of what the public wants to read.

A high-mountain-loving native of Boulder, Colorado, Lorraine accompanies Bart on all their countless treks abroad, paddling her end of the canoe, hefting her pack, and taking all the photos that come out. As South Brunswick, NJ Library Director and Executive in the International Federation of Library Associations, Lorraine has championed many adult literacy institutions at home, founded a string of mobile libraries in Ghana, Africa. And she’s most recently returned from Nepal to spread the gospel of literacy/libraries.  

Colleen Kelly, Artist and Media Maven, is the expert we call upon to creatively direct events ranging from television interviews to book release extravaganzas. Thanks to Colleen the camera angle optimizes each speaker; the food is praised as divine; that singing court jester or this author are accompanied with the most eye-catching flyer and brochure. She instinctively knows the touches to add.

Partnered with Jeanne Murphy in Jeanne Murphy Public Relations, Colleen helps handle that firm's campaigns, art, and social media, as well as serving s Executive Producer and Director of Talented People television and radio shows. Previously, Colleen boasts a long events management history with several organizations in the private club, hospitality, and gaming industries. Colleen makes her home in Flemington, NJ with her energetic daughter Emily.

Christian Kirkpatrick, Editor Extraordinaire, infuses BartsBooks manuscripts with those words that strike lightning, (correctly spelled, thank you), as well as employing her inspired instincts to help authors nudge themes in the right direction.

For the last three decades Christian has edited and enhanced manuscripts in the fields of business, information technology, healthcare, and social sciences. Not merely the wind beneath other authors' wings, Christian writesfrequently for several national newspapers and magazines. She lives in Hightstown, NJ where she plays violin in the local orchestra, and is active in church and several community organizations, including, (not surprisingly) the English Speaking Union.

Jeanne Murphy, Whirlwind Publicist, places news of each BartsBook before all those who might benefit from them. She gets the books reviewed, the authors and Authorities interviewed, and gets news of them into the ears of the people who count - YOU, the business community.

Wouldn't you like to have as your publicist an author who had already sold half a million plus copies of her own 12 books on parenting? In addition to her authorship, Jeanne is founder of Jeanne Murphy Public Relations which brings to well justified light scores of national speakers and authors. She hosts Talented People with Jeanne Murphytelevision and radio shows and Experience Hunterdon radio. Previously, Jeanne created a globally renown brand which, in less than 5 years, sold to Walt Disney Company, for a cool $20 million. Staying on with Disney, she handled their iParenting Media Awards. She's served as VP for ShopSight.com, Director of Business Development for the Parents' Choice Foundation, and was part of the Million Dollar Plus Club as a Prudential Real Estate Agent. Her office and brief moments of respite are taken at her bucolic family farm in Ringoes, New Jersey

BartsBooks Mentors

Philip Abraham, CEO of Reubro International, Inc., oversees the web development of www.BartsBooks.com. He and his team of eighty software engineers, based in Kerala, India, make your BartsBooks contributions, Personal Page and book purchases a seamless, rapid, profitable experience. http://www.reubro.com



BartsBooks Tech Wizards

Surabhil is a part of the Reubro team who have actively manage the Bartsbooks.com project.
He is a social media enthusiast and keen learner to new development in technologies.
Surabhil holds a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from Mahatma Gandhi University. 

Pradeep T P, Software Engineer at Reubro International, Pradeep is a part of reubro team who have actively manage the Bartsbooks.com project.

Venu, Software Engineer at Reubro International, Venu is the main programmer for Bartsbooks.com project. He was instrumental in converting all the concept and ideas in to good programming language.

Nischal, Software Engineer at Reubro International, Nischal is another technical person on Bartsbooks.com project. He helped technically with team to make this project successful.