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Want your books distributed nationally and available globally? Prometheus Publishing’s distribution chain – BartsBooks Partners places select titles on a rapidly expanding network of bookstores located on websites and blogs internationally. And we are looking for high quality business books.


Your Books Reach Buyers

Once you sign on as a BartsBooks Participating Author, we review and present your books for all BartsBooks Partners to offer on their online bookstores. Commission-incentivized Partners eagerly advertise your books to friends and site visitors.


Benefits Begin Immediately

  • Once you apply and your book is reviewed and selected, your book receives the “BartsBooks Recommends” seal.

  • Authors also receive a brief endorsement suitable for placing on the back cover or any promotional material

  • The Author sets his own price, and receives 60% revenue of each book sold.

  • Author and books are publicized in our BartsBooks Catalog, in our Partners Newsletter, and other promotional material.

  • Authors may sign on as a BartsBooks Partner and claim an additional 15% of revenue for themselves.


First Year Free

For a limited time, sign up now and grab a great savings. As a promotional offer, we are waiving the first year’s standard annual participation fee of $150 for those authors who sign up right now.


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