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Frequently Asked Questions

How does BartsBooks work?

BartsBooks are collaboratively written business guides. That is, instead of one pundit's voice, we gather into our books a chorus of experts and experienced business professionals. Some of these experts are individually interviewed authorities, well known in their field. Other expertise comes from online contributors, folks like you, who bring their knowledge and experience to one of the books in progress.

Go ahead - browse the Books in Progress, find a book and a chapter that fits your expertise - and contribute your thoughts.

Each resulting BartsBooks guide focuses in on one specific business challenge. It provides readers with a whole array of business solutions to that challenge, in a size of approximately 150 pages - A concise manual filled with answers that you can read quickly and afford easily. A real aid to the advancing business person.

How do I Contact You?

Please send any questions or comments to info@bartsbooks.com. 

Do I have to register to buy?

No.  Click on the Buy Icon and proceed to checkout


How Do I Buy Books?

 How do I order online?

Books can be selected from the Book Store tab, the Browse Our Selections tab or by clicking on the book picture on the home page. 

To place an order, simply click on the “Add to Cart” button by the appropriate book title.

Select the quantity you are ordering.

 Click “Continue Shopping” button and when you have finished shopping, click “Checkout”.

 You will be asked to enter your delivery information and select your payment method.  

Payments can be made using the Paypal button to access your credit card or your Paypal account. 

Order Confirmation:

You will receive an order confirmation email as well as a confirmation of payment from PayPal or Google Merchant.

Shipping Information:

Delivery Charges: these are based on the book selected. Two options are available, Normal or Priority.


If you have any questions regarding your order please email us at info@bartsbooks.com.


What is my Dashboard?

Click on My Dashboard on the top right to access and change  your profile and  personal information.


What if I Forgot my Password?

 In the login section, enter your registered email address.

An email will be sent to your email address and click on the url to reset.

A confirmation of the password change will be sent to the email address.


How Can I Change My Password?

All contributors can change their password by clicking on Dashboard and click on the Change Password Section. Enter your old password and the new password.


Posting the Partner Program Script

Where do I post my script, book pictures and introduction to the program? 

          - You can post on an existing blog or website page  by adding the script to an existing bookstore page or you can add a new 'Bookstore' page to your site.  

          How do I post my script? 

          If you have a webmaster managing your site(s) forward the email to them. 

         If you manage your sites yourself, select your page to edit, insert your introduction and description to the program,,,space down a few lines  and insert the text sent in the email.

          What if they books I receive don't match my selection? 
        Contact BartsBooks at info@bartsbooks.com 


How do I See my Contributions to Bart’s Books?

There are three links to see your contributions.

1)  View Latest Contributions to see your latest contributions to see your last ten contributions made.

2)  View All Contributions to see all of your comments and contributions

3)  Ideas & Contributions will show all of your comments made.

You can also add your social media links by clicking on the Facebook, Linkedin . Add your URLs here.


Why Should I Contribute?

Why Should I Contribute?
- Contribute and Showcase your Expertise in an internationally distributed book
- Contribute and Align yourself with other respected business leaders in your field.
- The most meaningful and frequent Contributors have the opportunity to appear in guest interviews and feature stories about what they know best.
- Contribute and you are seizing the opportunity to have your say on topics that interest you.
- Your Contributions are seen online, credited in the final book, and shared with fellow business leaders via your own Profile Page.

How Do I Register with Bart’s Books to become a Participant?

Registered users can login into Bartsbooks and contribute their own contribution to Books.

 To Register click the  Login section provided on the top right corner of the header section and a login window will appear Click “New User? “ and a registration form will appear. Complete all necessary fields and an email will be sent to you with an account activation link.


How Do I Become A Participant to Bart’s Books?

Registered users can login into Bartsbooks and contribute their own contribution to Books.


How is the Top Contributor Chosen?

The Top Contributor is selected by the BartsBooks editorial staff and the readers of the BartsBooks.com website. Editors review the contributions of those several whose ideas have been rated most favorably by our website readers. (Those with the most "like" votes.) From among those contributors, the editors look over their offerings. Based on the number of contributions, their overall cogency and value, a Top Contributor is selected. Thus both the readers and our own staff blend their effords in the selection. Like all fame, this honor is fleeting and new Top Contributors are brought in periodically.