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The Elegant Mysteries of Creating Perfume$

                                  www.theartoftheceo.com Globally noted fragrance developer Sevi Adat reveals how perfumes are made, why they work, and how small scents earn many cents. Eighty-five percent of American women and more than half of U.S. gentlemen dab some on each day, making perfumes a $40+bil..... More>>

Intellectual Property – Protecting Your Brain Children

                           www.theartoftheceo.com IP Super Attorney Randy Friedberg reveals those legalities you don’t know about ideas, inventions, and artistic creations – and need to. Can you as entrepreneur defend your invention against mega-competitor encroachment? Can you accidently infringe your ow..... More>>

NJ Business + New Governor = Perfect Together?

http://www.theartoftheceo.com/ Michele Siekerka, CEO of NJ Business & Industry Association, assesses what the state may expect from Gov. Phil Murphy’s progressive lead. Now that businessman Phil Murphy is New Jersey’s Governor, will the Garden State be more business friendly?  Will the business community get all its wishes legislatively granted?  Host Bart Jackson ..... More>>

Retail: The Toughest Customers in the World

         www.theartoftheceo.com  No group of clients are more whimsical, less loyal, more assaulted by and defensive against sales pitches, less definable, and just plain more unpredictable than Mr. and Ms. John Q. Public when they walk into a retail store.  On the other hand, those few who can meet the public's elusive needs, and can craft wrap..... More>>

Top consulting luminary Al Sagarese tells his personal story with vital lessons for those seeking to become, or hire outside advsors.

www.theartoftheceo.com How do those top consultants rise to their rarefied pinnacles? How much expertise do you need to have people pay for your advice?  Ever wonder what the right stuff is for consulting – and how you might get it?  Host Bart Jackson invites one of managerial consulting’s most sought after luminaries Mr. Al Sagarese to share his personal story. Al’..... More>>

Ghoulies & Ghosties & Artificial Intelligence

www.theartoftheceo.com What dangers lurk for man in the shadow of his robots and digital devices?  What new intelligence is being programmed into those machines that are giving marching orders to our leaders, CEOs, and generals?  Will we be prisoners to their data-driven decisions – are we already?  Attorney, renaissance scientist, and human nature guru Lew Lederman &nda..... More>>

The Advice Explosion -The only thing that’s expanding faster than our company is the amount of advice for sale on how we can grow even bigger.

From what made Hugh Heffner’s and Bill Gates’ empires rise to what made Thomas Edison and two internet giants fall.  Host Bart Jackson with the sagacious benefit of hindsight, takes a look at those single decisions that set enterprises teetering or towering.  Taking you down the bumpy road of experience, Bart lays out the lessons to be learned from price of greed, lust for qu..... More>>

From NASDAQ to New Tech – The CEO Reveals

http://www.theartoftheceo.com/ Former NASDAQ CEO Al Berkeley takes you inside the market: how it got to where it is, where it’s going & what’s in it for you. How did NASDAQ soar from the new kid on the exchange floor to the premier giant that put stock trading a common occurrence in American homes?  What new invention actually achieves the market’s holy grail of c..... More>>

Master Negotiator Greg Williams give practical negotiating advice to puzzled listeners & announces the new Leadership USA seminars.

From mergers to motion picture diva-producer quarrels, the Master Negotiator Greg Williams is the established expert in getting everyone at the table to walk away a winner – including You.  Host Bart Jackson confronts Greg with some all-too-real negotiating challenges submitted by listeners from across the globe.  How do the independent contractor negotiate the best possible pri..... More>>

Haute Cuisine & Service – With a Smile

NJ Restaurant Assn President Marilou Halvorsen what your being served & who’s thriving in this $800 Billion industry. One third of our meals are eaten in restaurants, making it an $800 billion industry nationwide; with one out of every 10 folks in America’s labor force contributing to your dining pleasure.  Marilou Halverson trustee of the National Restaurant Associati..... More>>

Fashion – Why Everyone’s Lookin’ Good

http://www.theartoftheceo.com/ This Fall's fashions? The Fashion Industry has exploded – and it’s including YOU. No longer do designers and retailers create and sell for only 20-year-old anorexia while the rest of us go grubby. Look at the ads & models: young boys, stylish octogenarians, pregnant celebrities holding well-clad babies. Noted fashion forecaster Emily Liu joins..... More>>

Raising Conscious Conscious Kids Radio

I am a featured guest with show host Jeanne Murphy to chat about Raising Your CEO.  Ever wonder what CEO’s look back on and thank their parents for?  Bart Jackson,CEO of Prometheus Publishing, author of The Art of the CEO,and three decade business journalist, shares tales, stories and survey results about what parents of fulfilled leaders are doing so very right. Listen in:..... More>>

OMG! – Tales & Traumas of an Overnight CEO

So how would You handle it if your kitchen-table startup made its first thousand sales in 24 hours and sold another one-third million units within the next half year?  Host Bart Jackson invites Joe Caiola, founder of Watch Yo Mouth game & corporation to tell oe tale of his overnight success, and how he is handling his volcanic explosion into the giddy task of becoming a CEO.  Staffin..... More>>

Witherspoon Street shop offers locals ‘A Little Taste of Cuba’ By Bart Jackson

Nearly a year old, A Little Taste of Cuba’s tasting room was Armenteros’ hard-won expansion that proffers gentlemen and ladies the opportunity to share their hobby in a more convivial and contemplative atmosphere. It affords smokers a refuge apart from the main floor with all its commercial transactions. “It’s also nice for new customers, who no longer feel they have to sta..... More>>

2016 Pre Holiday Book Sale

The Perfect Stocking Stuffers at the Pre-Holiday Sale Price. 


Trenton Library Box Project – Beautifying and Brainifying Trenton

‘Tis one of the most exciting ventures we at Prometheus Publishing and The Art of the CEO radio show have ever sponsored.  Amid warm camaraderie and intriguing artistry the Trenton Library Box project launched on Thursday night on the sidewalk surrounding the Championship Sports Bar on 931 Chambers Street – right in the true heart of the Garden State’s capital c..... More>>

Listen into Talented People with Bart Jackson and Jeanne Murphy

Listen in to two interesting shows and get informed. Host Jeanne Murphy and Bart Jackson entertain with two shows on Hunterdon Chamber Radio.  http://www.hunterdonchamberradio.com/Radio_Shows/Talented_People/Talented_People-2016-06-01_08.mp3  Show begins 00:15:42   Show2: http://www.hunterdonchamberradio.com/Radio_Shows/Talented_People/Talented_People-2016-06-01_09.mp3 show ..... More>>

The Art of The CEO Radio

What does it take to rise to your goal? To become CEO of Your Own Career – of Your Business? Host Bart Jackson, joined by the most fascinating and most helpful guests in business, bring you a lot of fun, humor, and vital counsel from proven masters. So pull up a chair - get informed, get entertained, and seize the wisdom.   A new show every week at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/t..... More>>

The Odd Coupling - Men and Women in Business

Since Man and Woman first set up shelter in a cave, they have been force-fit into separate working roles.  Today, carrying millennia of baggage and marvelously distinct abilities, ladies and gentlemen blend their energies into the realm of business.  Host Bart Jackson, author of Behind Every Successful Woman Is Herself, and guest Gary Douglas, noted speaker and author of S..... More>>

Tackling Tough Talks – Stresslessly - Matt Abrahams and Bart Jackson

Telling the boss she’s incorrect – Selling the skeptical client – Presenting that all-important project to the board of directors.  Whether formal or “casual,” business is richly laden with difficult and tricky conversations.  Host Bart Jackson joins with guest Matt Abrahams, author of best-selling How to Speak Up Without Freaking Out, to he..... More>>

Tackling Tough Talks – Stresslessly - Matt Abrahams and Bart Jackson

Telling the boss she’s incorrect – Selling the skeptical client – Presenting that all-important project to the board of directors.  Whether formal or “casual,” business is richly laden with difficult and tricky conversations.  Host Bart Jackson joins with guest Matt Abrahams, author of best-selling How to Speak Up Without Freaking Out, to he..... More>>

Best Business Comebacks – Words You Wish You’d Said

Get ready for fun.  Business folks from all over challenge Host Bart Jackson with some of business’ stickiest situations and frustrating inter-personal dilemmas.   Tackling them head on with his witty wordsmithery, Bart will craft the response that is most likely to ease the tension or extract the speaker from a potential fist fight.  The world belongs to the talkers &nda..... More>>

Percussion’s Brightest Pioneer – The Amazing Lisa Pegher

Some innovations are so powerful they require a separate business to present them.  Host Bart Jackson’s guest, musician Lisa Pegher has shattered the old symphonic mold of drummers and percussionists languishing in the orchestra’s back row, like accompanying wallpaper.  Noted as one of the top six performers of her generation, the inventive Ms. Pegher has taken her virtuoso p..... More>>

Get Off Your Plateau – Mid-Market Solutions

former startups who have sweated & schemed their way toward the top of their fields.  And it is these firms Iyer’s MidMarket Institute and iCEO Clubs are guiding to greater growth.  Host Bart Jackson and Ram join forces to help the forgotten middle size firms extend their reach beyond their grasp. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theartoftheceo/2016/02/01/get-off-your-plateau-mid-..... More>>

The Membership Economy: Life Trend or Sales Ploy

From videos and cars to assembly lines and CFOs, people are owning less and renting more. Guest Robbie Kellman Baxter and her bestselling book The Membership Economy claim this represents a revolutionary shift which is bringing about a grand unifying of our society.  Host Bart Jackson, however, disagrees.  He sees this shift as merely target marketing on a massiv..... More>>

All Voices Are On Deck - The Necessity of Diversity with Rebecca Shambaugh

Ladies and gentlemen and people of all diverse experiences: Your ideas and experiences are each and all required in the managerial mix for any company that wants to survive.  Host Bart Jackson brings on board author and women's leadership consultant Ms. Rebecca Shambaugh to discuss the benefits of boradening the corporate scope by diversifying your leadership.  Ms. Shambaug..... More>>

Civic Engagement - How, Why, and the Benefit$$ Broadcast in Business 4 weeks ago The Art of the CEO The Art

Is it worth getting actively involved in your comunity?  Only if you do it right.  And this show Host Bart Jackson brings on Civic Engagement advocate and coach Jacque Howard to explain how to  reach out to your neighbors and reap a realm of benefits you've probably never considered.  The person who is esteemed well by his neighbors is a rich person indeed.  So it is w..... More>>

Making 2016 Your Most Fun & Fulfilling Career Year

The more you love it, the higher your career will fly. We all know that success follows on the coattails of passion. So, as we open onto the new and unwritten page of this new year, Host Bart Jackson proffers up his own Top 2016 Resolutions guaranteed to add many more smiles and a lot more enthusiasm into your work life.  After all, isn’t it about time you exercised your rights and priv..... More>>

Taking Mastery of Your Greatest Business Asset

Capitalism, that guiding structure of business for centuries, is shifting from a quest for sheer profit, to a force for benevolent change.  It must. It is. And the greatest agent in this global cultural shift is YOU - the working man and woman.  Host Bart Jackson shares inights on All business is personal. Tune in and regain a little better grasp of the power you persona..... More>>

The Marketing You’re Missing – Revealed by Ilise Benun

With truly effective marketing, sales is tough business; but without it, sales just don’t happen.  Host Bart Jackson shares the studio with the flamboyant and inventively clever Ms. Ilise Benun, CEO & founder of Marketing Mentor.  Together they will reveal the tips on pricing packages, niche reformulating, assessing customer needs, subtle publicities, and all those marketing st..... More>>

Power of Peace – The Unarmed Heroes who Face Down War

Imagine you are standing unarmed as a hoard of trigger-ready soldiers strides into your peaceful town hell-bent on destruction. Could you protect the citizens?  What would you do?  Host Bart Jackson’s guest Mel Duncan, founder of The Nonviolent Peaceforce not only insists “yes, unarmed peacemakers can prevail,” he and his staff daily train peacemaking teams ..... More>>

Websites – Ready or Not, The Future Is Here

Any intern can put up a website – just like any intern is capable of heading your sales department, Right?  The majority of folks learning about your firm and your products gain that vital first impression from your website.  Host Bart Jackson brings on the noted web expert Rob Freda, CEO of Princeton Internet Group, Inc., site creators for Liz Claiborne, Sony, Pfizer, Dataram, ..... More>>

Entrepreneurial Nightmares – And Some Sweet Dream Solutions

Everyone knows you have to be brave to launch your own business; but until you’ve been there, you really don’t knowhow brave.  Host Bart Jackson commiserates and examines several of the most dire and haunting traumas most every intrepid entrepreneur encounters – and he shares the advice of top business leaders who’ve faced down these demons before.  All ye en..... More>>

The Most Obeyed Voice in Media – and How She Does It - Ms. GPS Broadcast in Business 2 months ago

When over 400 million GPS owners and 50 million smartphone holders hear the warm, mellifluous, yet firm tones of Ms. Karen Jacobsen telling them what to do, they listen and drive exactly as her voiceover directs.  Even when the dreaded “Recalculating” issues from their magical global positioning machines, Karen is able to break the news with an almost kindly gentility.  Host ..... More>>

Creating a Wake – Why Non-profit Princeton National Rowing Assn. Wins

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theartoftheceo/2015/11/06/creating-a-wake--why-non-profit-princeton-national-rowing-assn-wins From a wooded swamp to the hub of American competitive rowing, the Princeton National Rowing Association has made its Mercer Lake in central New Jersey the site of national competitions and Olympic training.  Host Bart Jackson invites PNRA Executive Director Kris Grudt..... More>>

The Profitable Parachute – Exiting Your Business with Grace and Cash

Northwestern Mutual’s fiscal expert Paula Brancato makes smooth your business exit in the face of rollercoaster product changes. While 30 percent of family businesses transfer to the next generation, less than one quarter of them are still producing the same product.  So how can you plan an exit strategy?  Host Bart Jackson brings on financial advisor Paula Brancato to lay out a s..... More>>

CRANBURY: An innate craving to create things for the good - Cranberry Press

By Jennifer Kohlhepp, Managing Editor Bart Jackson is hard to classify. He’s a storyteller, a humorist and an adventurer. As a publisher and author, he’s also a curator of business guidance and a champion of workers’ souls. As CEO of Prometheus Publishing LLC, he oversees the creation of BartsBooks Ultimate Business Guides. The guides aim to help businessmen and women over..... More>>

Jacque Howard Interviews Bart for Trenton365 Radio

Listen to Jacque Howard's interview with Bart Jackson for business insight and laughs https://soundcloud.com/trenton365/bart-jackson-ceo-of-barts

Meet the Artful Master of Business Relationships with Sharon Mahn

Sharon Mahn knows anyone in the Big Apple who is doing something interesting; and everyone among the top legal and corporate talent who needs to be known.  When the Fortune 500 seeks new leaders, they enlist Sharon.  Host Bart Jackson and guest Sharon Mahn discuss the delicate art of the business relationship.  How does one get to initially meet those highly beneficial people?&nb..... More>>

Making the Leap into Your Board Room Seat with Genevia Fulbright

The boardroom is the pinnacle of business – the highest you can rise.  A seat on the board offers you the opportunity to reap the benefits of those hard-won years of experience and judgment.  Host Bart Jackson’s featured guest Ms. Genevia Gee Fulbright took her first major bank board seat at the tender age of 31, and she has continued to serve on mainline boards ever since..... More>>

The Art of the Friendly Merger – Acquiring or Selling a Business with Ray Felton

Selling that enterprise you have laboriously raised from a mere idea – purchasing that firm with your last available dollar and a prayer….M&A is the most emotionally charged business undertaking you’ll ever make.  It is also the most demanding.  Host Bart Jackson invites super lawyer and noted M&A master, Ray Felton as his guest to share some war stories and..... More>>

Collegiate Trends: Live & Learn & Launch Your Business with Judith Sheft

Today’s colleges are hammering down that ancient ivied wall that for years has separated academia from the bustling realms of business.  Higher learning centers like The New Jersey Institute of Technology have traded in the old “Learn first – then live” traditions for fostering learning in midstream of entrepreneurial action.  Host Bart Jackson is joined by featur..... More>>

Best Business Comebacks - Words You Wish You Had Said with Bart Jackson

Remember those embarrassing moments, those tense situations, or really vital opportunities where the right words would have tilted everything in your favor?  Remember what your really answered under pressure - vs. what you wish you'd said?  Well, this week, we present about a dozen of the truly stickiest wickets as offered by business leaders from around the globe.  We will lay ..... More>>

Americas Healthcare - The New Diagnosis

The Supreme Court's verdict is in: The Affordable Care Act has won a reprieve from the 9 highest judges in the land.  In all 50 states, the subsidies that enable health insurance for increasing millions of citizens will continue.  So what now?  Host Bart Jackson invites back John Sarno, acknowledged healthcare guru and president of New Jersey Employers association, to diagn..... More>>

The Not-so Rugged Individual

An entrepreneur is someone who believes he could be prosperous if only he had the right boss.   There are many good reasons for stepping out on your own and starting up your own shop.  However, if unhappiness at working with others or working under others is your primary reason, you might want to patch up your personal interaction issues before mantling leadership of your own ..... More>>

Hobart and William Smith Colleges – Bringing History to Life; International Summit

As the fourth annual Stu Lieblein ’90 Pitch Contest draws to a close — the finalists will present their ideas to the panel of judges and the HWS community on Thursday, March 12 — Bart Jackson ’70 will interview the winner on his radio show, “The Art of the CEO.” Jackson’s interview with the Pitch winner(s) is scheduled to air Tuesday, April 22 at 2 ..... More>>

Watch Out – They Bite! - Business Monsters to Avoid

They lurk in every corner of the office: the Smiling Extortionist; the Moist-lipped sycophant; The Grand Seigneur who sees the company as himself.  For a bit of unrefined fun, Host Bart Jackson invites on corporate veteran Lew Lederman to parade many of the fiercesome characters we all know and dread from his newest book “A Zoology of Dangerous Businesspeople.”  Tune in, laug..... More>>

The Well Told Tale - Spellbinding Your Listeners

"If you really, really have something to say - tell it as a story,"  says Ms. Eileen Sinett, CEO of Speaking That Connects and a cleverly crafting story spinner in her own right.  Since the ancient Greek poet Homer smote his tuneful lyre, humankind has been entranced by stories.  The suspense, the plot, the craving for what happens next sets audiences on the edge..... More>>

The Care & Nurturing of Clients - Aldonna Ambler Counsels

"The real key is to treat Clients as Constituents," explains NJ Business Hall of Famer Ms. Aldonna Ambler.  To celebrate his first anniversary show, Host Bart Jackson invites Aldonna on board to share her practical philosophy of client service which has catapaulted The Growth Strategist, Inc. into a globally revered and sought-after consultant firm.  Together the..... More>>

Lethal Success: Handling Growth Spurts Without Exploding - Ms. Marilyn Grabowski

So you land a contract which calls for you to quintuple your staff and business model.  Oopps!  How do you ramp up to that kind of growth, meet client demands, transform your entire plant and still keep your business and psyche on a sane, profitable course?  Host Bart Jackson invites as featured guest construction's enigmatic Lady In Red to tell us how she did it - and how ..... More>>

The Art of The CEO Radio - The Making of a Symphony Orchestra

It takes a lot of heavy lifting to allow New Jersey Symphony Orchestra's Maestro Jacques Lacombe to raise his baton and unleash the world's most beautiful music.  Host Bart Jackson discusses with NJSO's CEO Mr. James Roe the exacting process of blending business with fine musical art.  If you have ever wondered what's involved in creating a major concert;  ..... More>>

The Art of The CEO Radio - Shopping for CEOs - What Top Talent Scouts Seek

When top business talent recruiters scour the globe for just the right CEO, where do they search? What are they hunting for?  What do they employ as bait?  Host Bart Jackson and his featured guest Sharon Mahn, master recruiter for Fortune 100 firms, reveal these answers and many more.  Ms. Mahn's planetary network of business leaders keeps her hopping from Buda..... More>>

The Art of the CEO Radio - Where the Elite Meet - Profiling Professional Organizations

If you're not actively connected with at least one professional organization, your loosing business.  Simple as that.  Host Bart Jackson this week brings on featured guest Ms. Sally Glick, President of the Association for Corporate Growth, New Jersey Chapter, who will discuss the best tactics for selecting the most beneficial organization, and, once you become a member, the most..... More>>

The Art of the CEO Radio - Global Entrepreneur Week - How It\\\'s Done

In celebration of Nov. 17-23 Global Entrepreneurship Week, Host Bart Jackson invites Dr. Arturo Osorio, professor of Entrepreneurship and Global Business at Rutgers University, to discuss the broadening scope of today's world-wide businesses and how startups are seizing advantage by targeting markets from Tibet to Tierra del Fuego.  Professor Osorio will also point out the ..... More>>

Art of CEO Radio - The Vet Benefit: Compliance, Skills, & Money on the Table

Need an employee who's been trained to be trainable, holds high-level skills, and the character to tackle any problem?  Host Bart Jackson celebrates Veterans Day by bringing aboard Jack Fanous, CEO of the G.I. Go Fund designed to give military veterans better careers and you a better business.  Together they discuss compliance, tax credit cash, improved work forces, and oth..... More>>

Art of CEO Radio - What Business Doesn\\\'t Know About Legislators - & Needs To

All right ladies & genetlmen of business, it's time for you to stop being so frightened of laws and lawmakers, and start seeing their advantage for your firms.  As an Election Day Special, host Bart Jackson invites New Jersey Senator Linda Greenstein on as guest to set the record straight about Political Parties - the Environment - Unions - Minimum Wage - Taxes - and which laws &..... More>>

CEO: You’re smokin’ what? Vision without execution is hallucination. - Thomas Edison

 It is the duty and privilege of every individual in the firm (not just the CEO & “Creative Director”) to dream innovative dreams for the company.  Just remember, when you generate one of those tantalizingly practical visions, it is going to require some really practical implementation plans to make it profitable.  (Hint: will this idea excite those called on to push..... More>>

Got tools? Oh heavens yes, our marketing chief is very well texted – she’s just not terribly well read.

If you are one of those folks who make it known that you only operate by text, or by telephone or by written missive, you are throttling necessary access and cutting off a great flow of vital communication.  Carpenters don’t use only a hammer.  Open yourself to all tools. And don’t forget – the best business counsel lies in books.  Invest in one now and reap the RO..... More>>

Laden with Wishes - We’ve tacked onto our product every bell & whistle the marketing guys say the customers want. Trouble is, no one can lift it, or figure it out any more.

Engineers want it astoundingly new and complex; CFOs want it impossibly cheap; Marketing folks want to please everybody on the planet; the truth is none of the above is possible.  What buyers dream they want vs. what they can actually afford and use lie within completely differing realms.  Your only salvation lies in heavy doses of common sense.

The Art of The CEO Radio - You & Other Influential Leaders

Tis not your rank or title, but the raw material within that holds your ability to generate influence beyond what you might imagine.  Host Bart Jackson invites guest Dale Caldwell, serial CEO, business and social entrepreneur, educator, renoned consultant, and author of "Intelligent Influence" to discuss how to cultivate your influential self.  Whether you seek to boost..... More>>

The Art of The CEO Radio - The Risky Business of Wine

The Risky Business of Wine Wine may be bottled poetry and elegant joy, but it stands as one of the toughest business operations to bring to fruition.  In celebration of harvest time and New Jersey Wine Week, host Bart Jackson invites Larry Sharrott, president of theGarden State Winegrowers Association and owner of Sharrott Wineryto discuss the business side of titil..... More>>

Bart and the CEO’s Take to The Air

The Art of The Ceo Radio –   Shake Business Up a Little With Humor –  Watch The Videos - Have You Considered Being an Author?  http://hosted-p0.vresp.com/925155/ace12dfa1b/ARCHIVE ..... More>>

The Art of the CEO Radio - Challenging and Marketing the Deep Sea

Marketing a documentary film, as every cinemagraphic producer knows, rivals explorer James Cameron's seven-mile plunge into the oceans darkest depths.  In both cases, you have no idea how vast is the void you are getting into.  Host Bart Jackson brings aboard producer of the newly released "James Cameron's Deep Sea Challenge"  Mr. James Burke, who has man..... More>>

The Art of the CEO Radio - The Wizardry of Wawa

It is one thing to set up a chain of convenience stores.  It is quite another to create 651 stores along the East coast that are intimate, a daily routine destination, and habit forming for millions of extrodinarily loyal customers.  Host Bart Jackson invites former CEO and current Vice-board Chair Howard Stoeckel to explain exactly how Wawa (which means Canada in Objibwe)..... More>>

The Art of the CEO Radio - Keeping the Leaders Vision Alive & Current

Every Leader needs to set his own navigational vision on the team.  But visions etched forever in stone, like pyramids, house only the dead.  Host Bart Jackson brings on guest James daSilva, Editor of SmartBrief's SmartBlog on Leadership, to give us all some strategies for crafting a vision, instilling it solidly in the team's minds, and adjusting it to fit co..... More>>

The Art of the CEO Radio - Rising Profitably from the Ashes

Can you really resurrect a company that has cratered and plunged you into debt?  Well, like the mythical Phoenix of Eld, Host Bart Jackson's latest guest, Mr. Marty Metro has achieved this near-unique entrepreneurial feat with his firm Used Cardboard Boxes Company.  Metro's firm has bootstrapped itself from begging at banks for payroll, on up to becoming a h..... More>>

The Art of The CEO Radio - Making Innovation More that a Buzzword

Ever walk into a plant that’s so vibrant with personal energy?  Ever work with folks who are not keeping pace with market demand – they are over-leaping it?  Is that YOUR firm?  Host Bart Jackson brings on guest Darrell Gunter, whose Gunter Media Group has sparked that innovative fire in countless companies.   Together they will define and discuss some solid, p..... More>>

The Art of the CEO Radio - Career Fulfullment - What You Are Forgetting to Practice

In this outcome-obsessed society, too many business folks grope desperately for success, forgetting the very reason they were attracted to business in the first place.  Host Bart Jackson brings on global hedge fund pioneer Keith Danko as guest, to set us on the infinitely more satisfying path toward a fulfilling career.  Having risen with marked success to the top of one of business..... More>>

The Art of the CEO Radio - Changing of the Chair

Sometimes you just have to change horses in midstream.  Succession, like death, comes knocking at the most inconvenient times.  Host Bart Jackson brings on as featured guest Pastor Dave Davis, Chair of the Trustees of the Presbyterian Foundation.  This fiscal arm for all the Presbyterian churches in the US raises, cajoles, invests, sets mission strategies for, and distributes i..... More>>

The Art of The CEO Talk Radio Series

John Sarno - Managing for Innovation - Tips and Blunders http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theartoftheceo/2014/06/10/managing-for-innovation--tips-and-blunders From every port and harbor, business leaders are calling for "innovation.: 'Tis not only the latest buzzword, it is a very vital requirement for companies trying to shift and keep pace with ever-changing markets.  Question ..... More>>

Bart Interviews Roy Williams

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Roy on the launch of his new book " Retire Once".    Roy Williams, CEO and a principal owner ofPrestige Wealth Management Group, has over 30 years of professional experience in financial planning and investment management. He holds the Chartered Financial Consultant designation through the American College in Bryn Mawr, PA, a..... More>>

Interview with Darrell Gunter

I am speaking with Darrell Gunter of Gunter Media Group on "Leadership with Darrell Gunter" WSOu 89.5 Saturday, March 14th at 10:00 am from Seton Hall University. 

"The Art of of the CEO is probably one of the best business books I have read over my career".

Business Authors & Website Owners Have An Innovative Opportunity

IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  September 18, 2013   Cranbury, NJ:  BartsBooks Ultimate Business Guides, a Division of Prometheus Publishing is pleased to announce the official launch of the "BartsBooks Promote & Profit Program".  The program provides advanced technology to website owners, referred to as "Partners"  who earn a commission by eff..... More>>

Book Expo North America, New York City

Bart Jackson Captivatated his audience from the word “Go”! http://new.livestream.com/BookExpoAmerica/Stage1/videos/20124919 “BookExpo America (BEA) is North America’s largest gathering of book trade professionals attracting an international audience.” ..... More>>

So Thats How They Do It!

  So That’s How They Do It  blends a little wit and humor, with a boatload of sage advice from those who have mastered the craft of business. In brief, bite-size, easy to read nuggets, international journalist Bart Jackson reveals the best tactics garnered from thirty years of interviewing business’s most successful.  Each of the techniques, disciplines, and ..... More>>

Business Leadership at the Princeton Rotary Club

Presentation of "Business Leadership" Jan. 11, 2013

I learned a lot and very much enjoyed your erudite writing

                One of the blessings of spending the last two months on airplanes is that I have had time to read "Behind Every Successful Woman is Herself" and LOVED it.   I learned a lot and very much enjoyed  your erudite writing style.  Thank you so much for inviting me to participate.  The entire experience..... More>>

Booksigning at Princeton PPL Author Day

The Annual Booksigning at the Princeton PPL Author Day was held March 25th. 

May 17th the Book Launching of Behind Every Successful Woman

The book launching party for Behind Every Successful Woman was held at the Hopewell Valley Vineyards. 

June 26th Dr. Joy interview me for her Radio Show

I loved my interview with Dr. Joy on the wonders of wine in New Jersey from my book the Garden State Wineries Guide. 

New Year Resolution : Increase Business 7 Tips to Help Your Career and Business Flourish in 2012

  1.  Learn from colleagues.  Informally meet with each individual effected by your job and ask them what parts of your performance could help them a little better - what would improve things on their end.  (Always speak as equals.)  Visibly take notes.  Make it a habit with each new project.  Will it work?  Worked for Ken Parker who rose from lawn..... More>>

June 30th 2012 Interview with My Central Jersey

My Central Jersey featured me for Behind Every Successful Woman is Herself "Strategies for successful women, insights shared in new book by Cranbury author" ..... More>>

Feb 13 2013

Feb. 23, 2013 

           Mr. CEO 


Tips and Tasks; 

Eastern Winery Exposition

March 6th, 2013 Join me for a booksigning of the 'Garden State Winery Guide' at the Eastern Winery Exposition. Lancaster County Convention Center.



Intellectual Property – Protecting Your Brain Children

                 http://www.theartoftheceo.com/   IP Super Attorney Randy Friedberg reveals those legalities you don’t know about ideas, inventions, and artistic creations – and need to. Can you as entrepreneur defend your invention against mega-competitor encroachment? Can you accidently infringe your own trademark? When y..... More>>


Wednesday, Sep 18, 2013

Business Authors & Website Owners Have An Innovative Opportunity

IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  September 18, 2013   Cranbury, NJ:  BartsBooks Ultimate Business Guides, a Division of Prometheus Publishing is pleased to announce the official launch of the "BartsBooks Promote & Profit Program".  The program provides advanced technology to website owners, referred to as "Partners"  who earn a commission by eff..... More>>

Sunday, Feb 15, 2015

The Art of The CEO Radio 1st Anniversary

n celebration of our 1st anniversary of The Art of The Ceo radio show on blogtalkradio.com I thank all of my listeners and talented guests. 2015 is full of more exciting weekly shows and I invite you to visit, listen and download all of them at www.blogtalkradio.com/theartof the ceo.  ..... More>>

Tuesday, Apr 09, 2013

Barts Books books presentation

Book Name          : So Thats How They Do It!

Start time              : 09:30 am

End time               : 11:00  am

Presentation held by :  Barts jackson (CEO of BartsBooks.com)


Press Releases

  • 31/01/13, So Thats How They Do It! - Tactics of Business M

    ...................... Download pdf
  • 29/09/11, BartsBooks service

    ...................... Download pdf
  • 28/09/11, Immediate Release Sept. 28th 2011

    ...................... Download pdf
  • 18/09/13, Business Authors & Website Owners Have An Innova

    ...................... Download pdf
  • 17/05/11, The Wine Appreciation Guild

    ...................... Download pdf
  • 05/10/11, Immediate Release Oct. 5th 2011

    ...................... Download pdf
  • 02/04/14, BartsBooks Ultimate Business Guides Announces

    ...................... Download pdf
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