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Contributors Agreement
  • By "Contributor" is meant anyone who offers information, ideas, anecdotes to be used on any BartsBooks Ultimate Business Guide, whether as a solicited Authority, or voluntary Online Contributor via the website www.BartsBooks.com.
  • By BartsBooks is meant the owners, assigned editors, and staff of www.BartsBooks.com, a tributary of Prometheus Publishing, LLC.
  • BartsBooks agrees to provide contributors the opportunity to express their business solutions in their own words on the BartsBooks.com website, and within related chapters and volumes of its Ultimate Business Guides. Further, in the final, published versions, BartsBooks will give Contributors full credit within the text, as much as possible. All Contributor's names and contacts will be listed in the Contributor's Roster and the "Authorities" will be listed with a brief biography and profile, unless they choose not to be listed.
  • Contributors acknowledge that there is no guarantee that their ideas will be used in the final book. They further realize that many people may present identical or similar ideas or techniques, and they cannot hold any legal claim to such ideas.
  • Contributors also have the option of a free "Personal Page" listing all their contributions to all BartsBooks. Each Contributor has the right to use and reprint and share all items on his/her BartsBooks Personal Page, but agrees to credit BartsBooks with each copy.
  • Contributors agree that their exact words may be edited for clarity and to fit the continuity of the book. Also, on the "Wiki" sections, Contributors understand their contributions may be overwritten by successive Contributors.
  • In return for this publishing and crediting of his/her ideas, the Contributor agrees to surrender all ownership and copyright to his contribution, forfeiting all claim of suit or royalties for his ideas included in a BartsBook Guide. Any payment may come to Contributors indirectly, via enhanced publicity of themselves and expertise, rather than any direct remuneration from the BartsBooks.com
  • Contributors agree to avoid using slander, obscene, denigrating personal statements, and all blatant advertising on www.BartsBooks.com. Each Contributor further acknowledges that BartsBook's editors may remove all such statements from the www.BartsBooks.com website at their discretion.
  • BartsBooks claims no responsibility or liability, either inferred or implied, for the content of contributions made on its pages while books are under construction.
  • All content in any BartsBook, whether fully finished and for sale, or in the act of online creation, belongs to Prometheus Publishing, LLC and may not be reprinted or used without their specific permission.